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How to Shop for Baby’s Clothes

How to Shop for Baby’s Clothes

Baby Fashion Clothes Tips

When I shop for babies clothes I tend to be drawn to the colors and cute prints are you like me? I think you are, in fact I Think all moms around the world are like us .We absolutely adore the cute colored prints on babies clothes. BUT since I became a little experienced after my second child I have more to say to you and you will need this guide to get the best suitable babies clothes so read it carefully.

The Size

  • Shop by your baby’s weight: baby’s age isn’t a good measure for clothes only by weight you can be accurate and be sure that clothes will fit
  • Always prefer the dresses that have snap at the neck to make dressing easier, or at least make sure that the neck is wide enough so you can put it on the baby Easley without hurting a baby.
  • Choose wider clothes for your baby because some babies never fit into the newborn size and some other grow faster than expected during the first months so pick a wider size and also the wider size will allow the baby to move easier than the fit size.
  • The loose sleeves will safe you some effort because they are easier to pull on and off. Also choose snaps or easy opening at the crotch area so you can change diapers faster without taking off all the cloths

The Type Fabrics

  • The ideal fabric is the 100% cotton, because cotton is the most comfortable, durable and the easiest fabric to wash away. But if you will buy other fabric then check on the label if it is machine-washable to safe yourself the effort of hand-washing.
  • One of the most important safety measures is picking up fire-safe sleepwear. Check the label on the sleepwear to make sure of that. Also check for the laundry instructions because most of flame-resistant fabrics have specific laundry instructions

The Price

The price is not a big issue; you can even shop from secondhand store if you want to but follow my guide carefully in every point from the safety to the size.

The Safety

Look carefully for any buttons, ties or bows specially the tiny one (it could be dangerous because babies tend to swallow any tiny thing they find). Clothes with long ties are forbidden, they could tangle the baby. If you like specific piece of clothes which have ties figure out if you can remove that tie without ruining the look of the cloth.

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