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14 Tips for Creating a Library in Your Home

14 Tips for designing a library at the home and things to consider

Despite the great development that the world has Witnessed the recent time. Due to the spread of the Internet and modern technology in various aspects of our lives, including the possibility of downloading any book via the Internet and reading it electronically, there is still a large group of people who love reading books, the matter Which made some resort to create a library of books at home to preserve historical and archaeological books and pass them on from one generation to another.  If you want to create a library in your home, you can follow this article, which will present the most important tips to consider when designing a library at home, whether you live in a small or large apartment.

Tips for designing a library at the home and things to consider

 Choose the right place

In the beginning, choosing the right home library location is one of the most important steps that must be taken into account when creating a library at home, because this place will become the historical reference in the home to keep all books and novels, and the place is chosen depending on the available space in your home, and Décor designers recommend to choose a room that is not used by family members, the guest room or  the office room if presented , or even the corridors of the house itself, taking care to choose a quiet and encouraging place for reading .

 Determination the number of books

 This step will help you to design a home library appropriately according to its optimal location, as you will have to count the number of books to be placed. Some people like to put all the books in the library, while others like to put their favorite books only, When you complete this step and determine the number of books to put in your home library, you will be able to decide whether you need floor-to-ceiling shelves, or choose a simple and elegant design if you have few books.

Choosing the right library design

 Choose the color of the library:

 Sepia, rich burgundy, and green were the most common home library color in the past. Nowadays, the homeowner can own a bright and luminous library, or a traditional décor in deep colors. Choosing the color you love can help you and your family relax in your home.

 Furniture layout design

All libraries require a nice and comfortable place to sit in. Depending on the space, you can limit the number of chairs, sofa, table, and place lamps for lighting appropriate and comfortably. If the library is for a few people, a few large chairs are ideal for the general view, Making sure to put a small side table, with lighting adjacent to the seating area.

Make sure the shelves are installed:

After installing the shelves, you must make sure that they are well fixed and can bear the weight of the books to be placed on them, or try to hire a professional carpenter to get a safe and beautiful library.

Sharing the library with the home office:

If you plan to place the library in the same place as a home office, you have to determine the extent of your needs from both together, the functions of each, and how many people will use the space at the same time. The office will need a computer, printer, fax machine and other large equipment ? Is there enough space to participate in it? Ask yourselves these questions to make sure that you will have the library with the home office in one place.

Use the right lighting:

The lighting factor is very important and decisive when creating a library. In the daytime, the light is very sufficient for reading, but in the evening reading requires placing side lamps on a small table, or having a lamp at the top directly behind the head in addition to placing wall lumps to illumine

   the paintings placed on the walls. We must also consider using dim lighting installed on the ceiling to make the room seem more warm, intimate and harmonious with the book you are reading.

Using the vertical layout of the library:

If the space available to create the library is limited, use the vertical shape in the design of your library to secure the maximum space, and use the full height of the wall to store and view books. Do not forget to use all the entrances to the room as additional places for storage.

Increasing outdoor views :

Libraries should not be closed or dark. Those who do not like reading can enjoy looking at a landscape hanging on the wall, or enjoying the natural outside view through the room’s window, which gives an incentive to read and enjoy it.

 Home library wall paint

 Avoid using bright and flashy colors on the wall of the library, as they have a strong effect on the eye, such as bright yellow, bright orange, dark fuchsia, and lemon green, so that you will have a high activity, and you will not be ready to read.

You can use darker colors to make the look elegant, by choosing colors such as dark orange, olive green, or brown.

Most neutral colors give a comfortable atmosphere to secluded spaces 

Such as the home library

 Especially if they are calm neutral colors such as gray, and they must range between medium and dark tones.

 As for merging colors together, choose from the colors you like, preferably  

the light color rather than dark, and as an example of the appropriate colors, you have brown, gold, and light gray, light colors in particular go with the library room.

The pure white color is appropriate for the space of the room, and if you choose it as the color for the walls, you must provide it with some dark colors, and if you decide to stick wallpaper for the walls, avoid choosing the paper that contains large-sized drawings or pictures of people because it will distract you’re attention, and instead choose paper with light shapes and calm inscriptions, Their colors must be appropriate on the rest of the walls.

Window curtains

 Choosing curtains for windows depends on the windows themselves, and the time you spend inside the place, and in order to be relaxed in the place , choose the curtains that perform the best function during the day and at night.

Room at night:

In order for your library room to be comfortable at night, choose curtains that reach the floor, or lined curtains for more privacy, and instead of buying expensive new curtains, choose an old curtain you have, and install it on the windows of the room, and after installation you have to make sure that the cloth in it opens and closes, Using attachment and hanging accessories to let the daylight in.


 If daylight becomes a problem for you while you are sitting at the computer, for example, and the light is reflected on the screen, you can use a light filter

 , under the window curtain with a transparent material, and it is designed to be opened or closed whenever you like.

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