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Kitchen’s Colors and Its Effects

7 Top Kitchen Color Ideas

Color Ideas for Kitchens: 

Using the kitchen’s color doesn’t only give the kitchen a beautiful look but, it also affects the feelings of the people when they are in the kitchen. Regularly, designers agree that earthy colors, yellows and neutrals are the best colors for a kitchen since they reflect light and provide positive energy; while greens, blues, purples and any colors similar to them don’t promote hunger.

(7 Top Kitchen Color Ideas - Best Kitchen Paint Color Schemes


Colorful Cabinets:

Popular Paint Colors for Kitchens:

  • Light yellow: it is considered the best color that most owners and designers agree with this opinion. This amazing color complements the wood species of the cabinets although some people do not agree choosing this color, because they feel it gives a sense of being sick and discomfort.
  • Neutrals: any color can become neutral with having enough white tints just based on the materials type that you feel comfortable choosing it.
  • Darker yellow: to get a sense of classic kitchen then the dark yellow is the most suitable color there while it doesn’t have the same cheering feelings with the light yellow.
  • Browns: It is the most used color since it is evocative and earthy as these are the sources which food, which you prepare, comes from.
  • Red: Well, while it is considered a rare color to use in a kitchen, some people agrees with it a lot since it add spunk and spark to the kitchen as it gives a very strong effect with dark colors as black. Red in kitchens is used mostly in modern designs with kitchens made of stainless steel.
  • Green: Green can be in very different tones and some tones can turn stomach, which is not really recommended in a kitchen, and other tones can give a sense of ecofriendly that can be really good in a kitchen that is the location of preparing food.
  • Blue: This color is rarely used in a kitchen as its feeling is not matching with a kitchen at all. It can be used in a bedroom, or living room but scarcely in a kitchen.

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