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A New Direction For Men’s Fashion

A new direction for Men’s fashion


There are some restricted rules in the world of fashion that you should care about!

These rules are renewable regularly according to the general taste of any society and today we are giving you some rules, which was banned in the past, but eligible in nowadays.

  • Wearing white clothes in winter. Even if white is considered one of the essential colors of summer, but it was considered banned for winter. However, fashion directions have changed this year, so you can wear white clothes.
  • Brown shoes. There is no problem wearing brown shoes with gray suit since many people are proponent for the idea of the brown shoes is giving this suit a more expensive look.
  • White socks. It is no longer a problem wearing white socks with different shoes and it is no longer restricted for sports wear only.
  • You can wear sunglasses anytime unlike in the past when you have to wear it at daytime only.
  • Colored hand watches. You can wear colored hand watches and not just white since it matches the new modern style of clothes.
  • You can wear the denim in the upper and lower parts.
  • All the colors are suitable and you can combine both colors of black and dark blue, which wasn’t accepted in the past.
  • Loose clothes are now accepted unlike the previous eras where slim clothes were more common.

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