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Bedroom Ideas!

Bedroom ideas!


When inches count, maximize your bedroom space to make use of every inch. Scale is very vital in deciding to buy modern or classic designed furniture. Modern furniture is a better choice because it is slimmer and narrower in proportion to your bedroom. Study size of bedroom, entrance door bathroom door and window. Be creative. Follow your instincts. Play with different arrangements on paper. Pick the arrangement that clicks your eye right away.  Serenity and harmony are key words in keeping the bed in front of the window. Also, it is practical. As it creates more space in the room and is convenient to move about the room and gives extra space for other necessary items. “Open” furniture, for example, sleek nightstand or an iron bed keeps the room airier, lighter and brighter.

Think vertical. That takes less floor space. Floating shelves are an excellent way to keep things neat and organized. Buy multi-purpose items. Paint wall and ceiling in lighter tone, such as, off-white or light blue; light colored background gives roomier and spacious look. Decorative stuffs should be placed close to each other in patterns and designs, so that they complement each other. Illusion of taller and larger windows is created by fixing longer window rods close to the ceiling. Variation in tone and intensity of linens, pillow covers and blanket should harmonize with the bedroom surroundings. Light up your room with several soft hanging lights coming from different spots and directions. It blurs the edges of your bedroom and, in turn, makes it feel romantic and larger with a high ceiling. Use of small mirrors in a group is a novel idea to create depth and dimensions to the small bedroom and also adds visual interests. A chair and a small scale desk next to the bed is an oversized nightstand, a work surface. Finally, small baskets and buckets hanging on mountable rods give a subtle touch to the bedroom environment. These hanging baskets and buckets can be used for keeping small items and can be decorated with artificial flowers or any other things to your liking. 


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