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DIY Benefits of Making Yogurt at Home Instead of Buying

Homemade Healthy Creamy Yogurt Recipe

DIY Yogurt at Home

  • Homemade yogurts have very healthy advantages over commercial yogurts because it doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients like preservatives or artificial dye which are not good for your health on long term
  • By consuming homemade yogurt your digestive system will benefit from the fresh active bacteria. although commercial yogurt usually commercialized by having active bacteria but they actually don’t have the same fresh active bacteria in homemade yogurt, how come the bacteria remain useful after putting preservatives and keeping yogurt on shelves for days. I think everyone should eat yogurt on daily bases but at the same time should not eat preservatives or artificial ingredients in the yogurt, that’s why you should make yogurt at home instead of buying it

How to Make Yogurt at Home

This is the ingredients of my homemade yogurt recipe but you can modify it as you like:

  • Half gallon of milk (whole milk will be thicker and skimmed milk will be lighter you can chose any of them)
  • 5 table spoon of your preferred syrup (I use maple syrup)
  • 2 table spoon of coca
  • Half cup of plain yogurt with live active bacteria
  • Two pots with different sizes (the smaller one should be big enough for the amount of milk)
  • Thermometer for accurate temperature (optional)

Homemade Yogurt Recipe:-

Boiling The Milk:

  1. Put some water in the bigger pot and fill the smaller pot with the milk and put it inside the bigger pot (this is a way to keep the milk on heat for longer time without burning)
  2. Add the coca at this point to add chocolate flavor
  3. You can measure the temperature to 200 F before you remove it from heat or if you are not using thermometer just remove it immediately before the milk reaches the boiling point
  4. Let the milk cool down and when the temperature reaches 110 F put the active milk but before adding it mix some milk with the active yogurt and stir them then add the mixture to the rest of the milk and stir well
  5. Be careful not to add the active yogurt too early or else the heat would kill the active bacteria

Now It is Time to Make The Yogurt

  1. You don’t need yogurt maker just preheat the oven then turn it off and put the yogurt in it and every 2-3 hours you can redo this process till the yogurt is done
  2. After the yogurt is done you can remove it from the oven and let it cool for couple of hours then whisk it and transfer it to plastic container and cover it with lid
  3. We must put the yogurt in the refrigerator at this point to stop the process of fermentation
  4. Serve the yummy yogurt cold don’t forget to add sweet flavor like maple, strawberries or any fruit and I promise you will find it more yummy than the commercial yogurt

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