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Make a Disco Ball

How to Make a Disco Ball with CDs

DIY a Disco Ball

No event is complete without one! Get ready to boogie down. The stunning disco ball will be a great addition to your dance floor. You can dance, and you can enjoy to your old CDs even if you do not like the old music. Turn your CD into a disco ball. It’s a fun job to recycle all those CDs, and you can turn them into something interesting and new.

About the materials:

  • We are going to use the old CDs which we don’t use, or they had a damage.
  • If your ball is big you have to use Wood skewer, If it is a small Foam Ball you can use a needle
  • Glue
  • Aluminum foil
  • Foam Ball
  • Metal wire, Nylon string, or fishing line
  • Shear
  • Disco music


  1. Find your CDs, with cracks are good; you can use cracks so you can break the CDs.
  2. If you have a big ball take a wood stick and use it as the needle, cut some of the wood stick from lengthwise then put the yarn between the two side of wood stick, and you can pass in the middle of ball. Then take aluminum foil and tie with a jug. You need to coil some aluminum foil nice around the jug and then pull the rope with aluminum foil in the ball through the help of sticks.
  1. The squares not need to be even but you need to keep them around the same size. To soften the CDs for cutting (and reduce splintering) put the CD inside the boiling water do not letting it touch the bottom of pot. Then you must pull it CDs out. Wear gloves when you cutting your CD because they are warm.

The best are kitchen shears, as the CD material could ruin a pair of scissors.

  1. Collect some squares in a small pile.
  2. The Styrofoam ball fetch and then glue.
  3. Put a hole on the ball with a bamboo skewer. You can run some wire or a string through the small ball and knot into a loop so the ball can be hung.
  4. You need to glue the squares on the ball’s center. Continue with work until you covered. Then leave the top of your disco ball. It’s a good place to put irregular bits, because it is the least conspicuous.
  5. Hang your disco ball. Now you have a disco ball and you are reused the CDs!
  6. Dance!

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