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Right Way to Choose The Flooring of The House

Tips to help you choose the right home flooring

The right way to choose the flooring of the house and coordinate it with the general décor


The floor of the house is one of the important pillars in choosing the home décor, which gives the house a majesty and the decorations and walls appear beautiful, and choosing the floor of the house expresses the taste of its owners.


There are many types of floors and their selection depends on the type of decoration preferred by the owners of the house, and the most common type of flooring is ceramic, and it is the ideal choice for those looking for practicality and a relatively appropriate price, if compared to other types of floors such as wooden, in addition to its ease of cleanliness In addition, it does not require special treatment or expensive maintenance, and porcelain comes with the same advantages, but its price is a little higher, but it gives a better appearance.


For lovers of luxury and elegance, especially for a home with classic furniture styles, marble and wood come in one rank. The wood is characterized by its types, musky, beech, and oak, and gives a more warm feeling, but they are expensive and they must be constantly maintained to maintain their elegance and beauty, and it must be taken into account not to use wooden floors in places exposed to water Or at the entrances to the apartment.


There is currently an alternative to wood, known as HDF, in many colors and different sizes. It is installed together like puzzle , including glossy and matte. It can be installed on tile floors by gluing. It can be installed directly on the ground after it is equipped with the necessary concrete. Its prices are lower than parquet wood and marble, but its disadvantage is That if water gets into it, it spoils it all, and we can’t fix it, but it must be replaced immediately, but it is easy to clean with just a rag with water.


As for those looking for strength, marble and granite floors are considered among the strongest types that resist friction and have a high ability to withstand use for long periods.. Also, the multiplicity of their colors and sizes that are cut according to demand gives great flexibility in choice.

It is suitable for use in all places and atmospheres. It can be used in dry and wet places alike.. It can be maintained and polished whenever necessary, that makes it always renewable.


As for the gardens, the entrances to the villas, and around the fountains, the stone, basalt and asphalt floors are the best choice, preferably interspersed with greenery and grass to give them vitality and integration with nature.


Things to consider when choosing home flooring :

When choosing the flooring of the house, one must take into account the choice of colors that are in line with the colors of dyes and furniture, so that the result will be a beautiful painting that is harmonious in its colors.

Choose a good type of flooring that is suitable to withstand long-term use.

Taking into account the area of ​​the house is one of the things that must be taken care of when choosing floors. If the area of ​​the house is small, it is necessary to choose simple floors with a calm pattern, so as not to give a feeling of narrowness and crowding. If the area of ​​the house is large, the floors that contain geometric decorations can be chosen, as they will be very suitable to occupy the existing space and will also be an aesthetic addition to the house.

When choosing floors, consider the possibility of cleaning or repairing them in the future.

It is necessary to take into account what we will use this place before choosing the type of flooring, to choose the most appropriate type. Of course, also consider the type of flooring you would want to use on the outside of your home, especially for your exterior additions. If you want quality and long-lasting deck without the hefty price tag, a good eco-friendly composite decking should do the trick. For your stone paths and walkways, ask your contractor for recommendations that would both suit the style of the house and won’t require too much maintenance.



Tips to help you choose the right home flooring:

  • If most of the house has wooden décor and furniture, it is better to choose marble floors and light colors to give a kind of color break in an elegant and distinct style.
  • If you want to make any room of the house with a romantic atmosphere, you should choose wooden floors, this type has the ability to provide the place with beauty and tranquility, especially in the bedroom, taking into account the coordination of colors with each other inside the room.
  • If you are looking for a type of flooring that is easy to clean, you should choose solid or hard parquet, as it is easy to clean and is considered one of the elegant floors that will add to your home a sophisticated and distinctive look.

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