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Decorate Your Bedroom with Winter Touches

10 Tips to Decorate Your Master Bedroom in The Winter

It’s always better to add winter touches to the master bedroom when you are welcoming winter season. Hence, the following advices are presented from interior designers that can help you add those cold winter touches to your bedroom:

  • Avoid using summer colors like blue and green for painting walls, but instead of that go for warm colors starting from brown until white that represents snow and break the intensity of dark colors.
  • The same advice of painting the whole walls with a specific color, but changing the color of only one of them.
  • Increase the number of pillows over the double bed and cover it with multi-layer coverlet and cover it also with a blanket made of synthetic fur, wool or velvet with a color different from the coverlet, but in a harmony with it.
  • Use wood in your room through furniture like the bed. In this context, go for wooden baskets that carries magazines or pinecones that can be replaced with chestnut.
  • Give much importance to curtains while you are preparing the winter decoration. In summer, you usually just go for a layer of think white cloth for curtains, but in winter, you have to add another layer that should be woven with brown or ruby velvet.
  • Add mellowed wood and copper to the accessories through pictures frames and candle holders.
  • Use the space in front of bed to decorate it with a two-seat sofa, also known as loveseat, made of wool or synthetic fur.
  • Cover the floor with a piece of rug made of long fur and avoid carpets with bright colors.
  • Multiply the use of hidden lights in suspended ceiling and replace the chandelier with side lighting fixed on the floor.
  • There is no problem in using an electric fireplace if you don’t have a real fireplace!

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