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4 Recipes for Roselle Drink

Homemade 4 Ways to Make Roselle Drink Recipe

Roselle “Hibiscus“ is a type of plant used for medicinal purposes. in Arab world it known as Carcade, or Karkadeh. Also has different names in all over the world: rosella, or luo shen hua, or sorrel, or Pulicha Keerai…etc.

Roselle drink served hot, or cold according to taste. It is distinguished by its red color and its sour, berries-like flavor.

Cold Roselle drink is one of the drinks that helps to lose weight. It also helps to cool the body, moisturize it, and overcome thirst. It helps to reduce blood pressure, and cholesterol level. It also facilitates digestion and speeds the metabolism. Learn about 4 different ways to prepare roselle juice.

Cold Roselle Drink Recipe:


1 cup of dried Roselle leaves

3 cups of water

1 cup white sugar (or as desired)

 Ice cubes

Preparation Steps to Make Roselle Juice:

Bring a large pot, put lukewarm water in it, then add roselle.

Put the pot on medium heat and leave the pot until the water boils with the roselle.

Set aside the pot, and leave it for at least 4 hours until the roselle drink cools, and the water gets the roselle’s flavor.

filter the roselle drink with a strainer and put the juice in the serving cups, then add sugar and ice cubes to it and then serve it. 

The juice can be left in the refrigerator after it’s completely filtered, and then sweetened and served without ice cubes.

Roselle Juice Without Boiling Recipe:

How to make cold Roselle Juice Without Boiling:

Ingredients of cold roselle juice:

6 cups cold water

1 cup white sugar

1 cup of dried roselle


Bring a large bowl and put cold water in it, then add dried roselle to it.

Leave the roselle plant soaked in cold water overnight in the refrigerator until the color of the roselle leaves becomes dull.

Filter the juice from the roselle, add sugar to roselle’s juice, and then serve it.

 You can keep the juice in a refrigerator for only five days.

Roselle Juice with Rose Water Recipe

How to make roselle juice with rose water:

Ingredients for roselle juice with rose water:

1/2 cup roselle

1 1/2-liter water

1/2 cup sugar

2 teaspoons of rose water

Steps to prepare roselle juice with rose water:

First put roselle with water in a bowl, and leave the bowl in the refrigerator overnight.

Start to filter the roselle juice from the leaves, by using the strainer, then add rose water and sugar to it, stir the juice, then serve.

Roselle Tea Recipe

How to make roselle tea


1 Cup of dried hibiscus

4 Cups of water

1 cup sugar (or as desired)


Use a pot to boil the water.

Add roselle when the water is boiling, and let it boiling for 5 minutes.

Start to filter the tea, and serve immediately.


There are different flavors you can add to the juice like some lemons juice, or some strawberry fresh fruits, Pomegranate, also you can use some of blueberry “Berry” fresh fruits.

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