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Homemade Fresh Concord Grape Juice Recipe (2 Recipes for Green and Black Grape Juice)

3 Recipes for Green and Black Grape Juice

How to Make Grape Juice Recipe at Home

I will tell you today about my favorite beverage for summer, rape juice. Grape juice is very sweet, refreshing. You can use green or black grapes to make your favorite juice.

Grape Juice Health Benefits

  • Grape juice is full of wide range of vitamins
  • Recent researches proved that grape juices can provide some of the same benefits of the wine and protecting the heart
  • Grape juice also is a great sufficient source for potassium

DIY Fresh Grape Juice Recipe at Home

Half kilo of grapes will make one big cup of grape juice. I like it the most and if you like grape juice like I do, you can follow my recipe step by step


2 to 3 kilos of fresh grapes (use any kind of your choice)

A colander for rinsing the grapes

A large fine mesh or cheesecloth to squeeze grape in it

Very large pot


  • Pick good ripe grapes: You can use my quantities or you can measure the amount that you need, usually one kilo of grape will make 2 cups of grape juice Get a large basket,
  • Rinse the grapes well to rid of any pesticide: Put grapes in a water sink and rinse them one by one and collect them in the bowl. During this process you can remove any unripe grape because it will affect the taste of the juice
  • Juicing the grapes: You will juice grape using potato masher, mash it completely till you see the juice begins to flow.
  • And this process you can divide the grapes into batches depending on the size of the colander. For example if you are using the largest colander you can mash 1.5 kilo of grape in each patch.
  • Cooking the grapes: put the grapes on low heat. And slowly stir it every couple minutes. After 5 minutes mash the grapes some more because the heat should make the grapes break up easily. And don’t forget to stir afterwards
  • Put cheesecloth over colander and place them inside very large pot and pour the grape inside carefully.
  • Let the grape sit over night and stir it from time to time to make the grape juice flow through the pot.
  • Rinse the juice through fine mesh or the cheesecloth one more time to refine
  • Enjoy your juice!

How to Make The Healthy Delicious Green Grapes Juice!

What Are The Required Ingredients!

– One tsp lemon juice.

– One and half tbsp of sugar.

– Two cups of seedless fresh grapes.

– Cubes of ice.

– ¼ tsp of black salt (Bire noon).

– One tsp grated ginger, and it is optional.

  Mint leaves for Garnish.-


Homemade Fresh Green Grapes Juice Recipe

What Is The Preparation Method!

  1. Add lemon juice, black salt, sugar, green seedless grapes, and ginger to the blender to be mixed.
  2. Mix them until the mixture becomes smooth.
  3. Strain the mixture in a bowl by using the sieve.
  4. You can serve them chilled in glasses.

Easy Way to Make Grape Juice Recipe at Home


  • Do not through away the solid grape mash, if you have plant pots, or small garden you can compost these solid particles for your plants.
  • The amount of sugar is added according to the sweetness of grapes and the general taste.
  • Adding a pinch of mint leaves while blending gives refreshing taste to the green grapes juice.

Pulpy Grape Juice With Veg Food Manual


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