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Peas With Carrots And Sauce Recipe

Peas with Tomato Sauce And Meat Recipe

Fresh peas with carrots and sauce is good for children and adults, today we will present a simple way to make peas with meat and sauce. This dish is famous in Arab countries.



Half a kilo of peas.

One large onion chopped.

Two cups of tomato juice.

Two tablespoons of tomato sauce.

Half a kilo of meat cut into cubes.

cup of beef broth

Salt and black pepper (to taste).

Carrots, diced (optional).

Vegetable oil or butter for cooking.



How to make peas with sauce and meat

Chop the onion into small pieces and cut it in half.

We will need two cooking pots, and in each cooking pot put some oil or a small piece of butter on the fire.

After the onions wilt, add tomato juice and two tablespoons of tomato sauce to the first pot to give it a dark color.

In the second pot, add the pieces of meat and fry with onions, and after the color of the meat changes, add water and spices, then leave the meat to cook completely, then add salt and black pepper at the end.

Add meat soup to the sauce and then leave to become a little thick.

Add the peas to the sauce and leave it for a quarter of an hour or until it is cooked. You can add the carrots, but in the end because the carrots will cook quickly.

Add the pieces of meat with the peas, and serve with rice.

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