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Roasted Chicken Fillet with Sauce Recipe

Roasted Chicken Fillet with Sauce Recipe

Chicken Steak with Sauce Recipe

Chicken Steak is one of the favorites meals of many people all over the world. It is easy to digest, and the lack of fat it has, it is a healthy choice, you can eat it during a diet for weight loss, even if it is not the purpose of eating slimming, it remains A healthy and tasty choice for many people. You can eat Chicken steak in different restaurants, you can prepare it at home easily, it does not need a lot of time, effort or money, so we find the choice of many housewives, in addition to the tastes of the whole family members old and young, especially when diversifying the ways of presenting it with the different sauces and appetizers.

A distinctive, fast, soft, and very smooth recipe because of its fluid retention.


Grilled Chicken Steak with Sauce Recipe


  1. Kilo chicken breasts, fillet, thin divider
  2. 2 Lemons, Juice
  3. One tablespoon mustard

4.1 Tablespoons olive oil

5.1 Tablespoons vinegar

6.1 Teaspoon garlic, powder

7.1 Teaspoon salt

8.0.5 Teaspoon Italian spices “basil, rosemary, oregano, and thyme”.

9.0.25 Teaspoon black pepper



  1. Mix all ingredients with chicken well.
  2. Heat the grill well, put the chicken pieces for 3 minutes. Flip the other three minutes.
  3. You Can be preserve marinated in the bag in the freezer for the time needed.


How to Make the Sauce for Chicken Steak!


  1. A can of whipped cream
  2.  A cup of liquid cream
  3. Onion ring
  4. A teaspoon of garlic powder
  5. A pinch of white pepper and salt
  6. 1 Bouillon cube
  7. A tablespoon of butter at room temperature

Sauce for Chicken Steak Recipe


  fry onions with butter on low heat until they are smooth and fade, then add garlic powder with constant stirring. Mix cream in a bowl until it blends, then add the mixture to the onion and garlic with constant stirring. Add a pinch of salt and white pepper, and a chicken broth cube to the mixture with constant stirring, until the mixture becomes cohesive and creamy shape, then remove it from the fire. Put the sauce on the chicken steak from the top, or serve it to the side, everyone can put the quantity that fits, it must be offered hot.




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