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Al Quds Bread with Sesame Recipe

Al Quds Bread with Sesame Recipe

Al Quds Cookies with Sesame Recipe

Al Quds cookies is a kind of Palestinian bread, it is the best known in Jerusalem. It is unique in Palestine, but the wonder is that its components are the same as those used in cakes made in other cities, it is manufactured from water, flour, sugar and sesame, in addition to a substance known as the Potassium bromate used as an enhancer for dough No more.

the mysterious Al Quds cookies, the owner of the bakery says to bake cakes in the door of the town-one of the neighborhoods of the old City-he has been the manufacture of the

Al Quds cookies for 13 years and the age of the oven for about 150 years. The cake profession started from Al Quds, the secret may have to do with the origin of the cakes, the bakeries of the old town is used today the Arab furnace, which dates back hundreds of years, the same used by the first professionals in Al Quds.

 Another secret it explains that the old town’s ovens serve olive wood to bake bread, which gives it a special flavor of cakes that bake on electric ovens or gas.  “There are Arab ovens inside the bank, but most of them prefer the electric oven and modern roads, which also distinguishes Al Quds cookies inside the city walls from outside,” he added.

 “The cakes are  Al Quds  identity and a registered brand for Quds and for Palestinians residing in Al Quds just like other cities such as Nablus, which are characterized by Arab and Palestinian sweets and are unmatched.”

On the most selling seasons of Al Quds cookies, the owner of the oven says that it is Ramadan and Fridays especially, as the city is witnessing a great turnout for its Palestinian visitors and others to pray at the Al-Aqsa mosque, which achieves good selling rates for Al Quds cookies.

The owner of the Palestinian oven adds that hundreds and thousands of people flock to Jerusalem from all the cities of Palestine and the world to taste the most delicious Al Quds cookies, without any understanding of his secret.

Al Quds cookies are served as breakfast or dinner with falafel, various types of yogurt, and cheese, labneh as well as thyme and olive oil.

Jerusalem Bread with Sesame Recipe


  1. 4 cups of white flour
  2. 1 3/4 warm milk
  3. .1/4 cups warm water
  4. 3 Eggs
  5. 1Teaspoon white vinegar
  6.  1 Teaspoon salt
  7. 1 Tablespoon yeast
  8. 1 Tablespoon sugar


To Decorate:

  1. an Egg
  2. Tablespoon white vinegar
  3. Cup Sesame


Jerusalem Cookies with Sesame Recipe

Preparation: 15 minutes

  1. Put the yeast and sugar In a deep bowl then add the warm water and leave until the yeast reacts.


  1. Put the flour, salt, eggs and vinegar in the kneading bowl then knead with the fingers of the hand slightly, then add the yeast and knead and then add the milk gradually and continue kneading for ten minutes until the dough is soft and tender, if the dough sticks to the hand, add some the flour.


  1. Put the dough in a pot greased with vegetable oil then cover with a nylon bag and put in a warm position and leave to ferment for one hour.


  1. After the dough is fermented, cut into three pieces. Put the dough on a smooth surface sprinkled with flour then wrap the dough or fold it in a rectangular shape and form the dough in the form of a cylinder or circle according to taste and repeat on the rest.


  1. Prepare the baking tray and put the baking paper on it, then put the dough and cover with nylon bag and leave until doubled in size for half an hour.


  1. After half hour we decorate it where we put in a bowl deep vinegar, and eggs and whisk well, then use a brush to add some of the mixture on the face of dough then put sesame.


  1. Put the tray in a pre-equipped oven at very high temperature. Top temperature in the oven bake from the bottom and then bake above.


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