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Smart & Creative Storage Solutions for a Small Apartment

How to get a Storage Space in a Small Apartment ?

How to get a Storage Space in a Small Apartment ?

Small Apartment Storage Ideas

Key to small house storage is organization. Organization requires planning and creativity, especially, when you are pressed for space. You need to do more with less space. This can be only done through creative storage alternatives. Small changes make a big difference for small spaces. Start looking into every room and evaluate your basic needs.  Take paper and pen and note all “dead spaces”. Considering and looking once is not enough. You need to repeat this process several times and each time you shall note another “dead space” which you never noticed before.  This routine is to find space where none seems to exist. First step in creative additional storage space is to go over your existing personal clothing, shoes, bedroom items, kitchen ware and any other household items. You shall be surprised to know that quite a few items were uselessly occupying space in your house. Either, they had lost their utility, or were out of fashion or you had out-grown them.  Right away, get rid of them. We need not to clutter our house and be cramped for space. This will create more space and bring in some hard cash.


Apartment Decorating Ideas

Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

Bedroom should have custom made bins, old dresser drawers stowed under the bed, covering the length and width of the bed. Perfect to store off-season clothes, linen, quilts, extra pillows. Get a narrow book stand for books, a side-wall to hang clothes and on its top, keep lingerie, sweaters, casual wear and shoes in a basket. A sectional sofa has plenty of storage capacity to provide you more space for other necessary house hold items.

Small Apartment Kitchen

Inside doors of kitchen cabinets can be fixed with narrow shelves to hold detergents, furniture polish, sponges, scrubbers, dust clothes etc. Any shelves above and under the sink increase storage capacity three – times. Kitchen cart is very handy and useful storage item.  Heavy pots, pans large utensils can be hanged on the wall, this will help keep load off the cupboards. Bathroom needs a cubby hole to keep bath and hand towels and wash cloths. Fix one or two towel bars, both for bath and hand towels. This exercise to create extra space is only helpful and meaningful if it makes life easy and gives the small house a feeling of being big and spacious with all items neatly set and nothing appears to be out of place.

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