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The Perfect Casual Style Tips for Men

16 Casual Dress Guidelines All Men

Dressing up is not for one occasion it is about how you look every day in each time of the day. It’s the most part people judge each other on its bases. Now if you are not into very expensive suits and not in to the trendy fashion, then you will benefit a lot from this guide that you are reading now. I will tell you how to make better first impression on people you meet in everyday live using simple casual dresses.

Present Yourself as a Man

  • Avoid the graphic T-shirt completely, because children are love graphic cloths. You have to stop wearing it graphic T-shirt will give people impression of immaturity.
  • Avoid flashing color T-shirt as well. It gives impression that you are a teen and you don’t want that, don’t you!
  • Choose the solid one-color or striped T-shirts instead it looks masculine and mature.

Layering Your Clothes Can Make You looks More Interesting

  • If you follow my advice about plain one-color shirts you will look sharp but if you layer your outfit you will look sharper. Which outfit looks more interesting one plain grey sweater or the same sweater with white shirt beneath it? And if the weather allow this you can put four or even five layer, each layer will make you look better.


Choosing Casual Pants

  • There are some rules:
  • Avoid big logos anywhere on the pants, especially on the rear
  • Don’t wear pants that doesn’t fit you no matter how the trendy fashion looks like, Fit pants always look more attractive
  • Avoid baggy pants or any pants size that makes you want to pull up the pants every while, that doesn’t look good.
  • Even though fashion trends went way far with bleaching and ripping pants I advise you to avoid all of that
  • Instead choose the solid one-color jeans that fit you. Jeans are still the best casual legwear since it was invented, and if the pants are blue even better.
  • You can add some variety to your pants by adding colored pair but stick to the one-color rule and also can buy a pair of chinos they look cool too.

Wear Wrists Accessories

  • Since fewer people wear watch now a days you need to dress you wrists with any simple good looking accessories, some people say naked wrists are boring and I believe this saying

Invest in Classy Shoes

  • Women notice footwear more than men and generally women complaint about men’s sneakers, so you want to invest more in classy footwear, not just for female approval but because they have a good point here.
  • Dirty or cheap footwear can ruin the whole dressing effort and make you look less smart not matter how much you spent on your outfit, footwear must take most of your dressing budget
  • The most appealing shoe style is classy brown dessert shoes; go for it and you look sharper.

Casual Suits Always Look Awesome

  • You don’t have to wear suit all the time but you can wear casual blazers and look absolutely great in them. This is a way to level up your dressing with cool blazers. You can choose blazers with interesting color but again remember the plain one-color rule

You just got the best casual style tips that you need to look smart now Dress Well but don’t try too hard and I guarantee you will Look the sharp masculine You


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