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Tulumba Recipe (Balah EL Sham Recipe)

Tulumba Recipe (Balah EL Sham Recipe)

Tulumba Recipe (Traditional Turkish Dessert)

Tulumba is a Syrian dessert and its name is based on the way of creation. The dessert makers started making a dessert looks like dates in the form then they called it Tulumba. The dough becomes formed and get soaked into syrup. It is popular in Egypt, the Levant, Iraq and Turkey.

DIY Tulumba Recipe


1 cup water

1 cup white flour

1 tbsp. oil or butter

3 eggs

Pinch of salt

Oil for frying


Syrup ingredients:

3 cups sugar

1 ½ cup water

½ lemon


DIY Tulumba with Syrup Recipe


-Sieve the flour then add a pinch of salt

-In a pot, put 1-cup water and 1 tbsp. butter or oil then put over heat. When it starts to boil, add the flour at one time then low the heat and stir quickly to form the dough and don’t have any at the sides. Take off the heat.

-Leave to cool down for ½ hour then add one egg and stir till it mixes well; then add another egg and mix well then add the third egg and mix well, so the whole dough blends with the eggs.


Syrup recipe:

-In a pot, add 3 cups sugar and 1 ½-cup water over heat and when it starts boiling add 1 tsp. lemon juice and leave it boiling for 10 minutes over low heat; then add 1 tsp. vanilla and take off heat and leave to cool down. This method should be done before making the Tulumba dough.

-In a deep pan, add deep frying oil and heat. Add the Tulumba dough in a bag having a hole at the end to give a well-formed Tulumba. When the oil be heated, press over the bag, so the Tulumba will get out and cut with knife depending on the required length, so it will go directly into oil. Repeat the same method with the rest of the dough.

-Stir the Tulumba until it becomes yellow then left off from oil and add to cold syrup. After five minutes, left it off in a draining pan to get rid of extra syrup. Serve it cold and garnish with garnished pistachio or coconut.


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