Orange Jam Recipe with Carrots

Canning Carrot Orange Jam Recipe at Home

How to Make Orange Jam with Carrot at Home   Ingredients: 4 Kilos of oranges, peeled and cut into cubes A kilo of grated carrots A kilo of sugar One tablespoon of lemon juice   Method: 1- We prepare a deep bowl and put sugar on the sliced oranges and peeled carrots, stir them and leave them in the

10 Decorations Suitable for The Balcony

10 Decorations suitable for the balcony - including furniture and flowers

Decorations suitable for the balcony, including furniture and flowers.. Exploitation of spaces  Although the balcony represents an important place in the house and a breathing space for the people of the house, and it can be used for sitting, reading, or family gatherings and friendships, but it is often neglected and

8 Ideas to Choose From Sequin Clothes

8 Perfect Choices for Party - Women Sequin Clothes

Sequins of all kinds are considered one of the best fabrics that can be worn in parties in general, as it is a continuous fashion because it is one of the most elegant things that can express celebrations. There is more than one type of it, small, large, and medium

5 Tips for Organizing your Home Library

You love to read, and your books are your most prized possessions. But what happens when your collection gets out of control? Stacks of books scattered throughout the house cause stress and make your home look cluttered. Lack of storage or an organized system can make finding the book you

Dotted Dress & Colorful Suits for More Beautiful Summer

The most prominent trends in women's clothing fashion in this summer

The most prominent trends in women's clothing fashion in this summer. Dotted Dress and Colorful Suits for This Summer The dotted dress and the colorful suits are the most important.. Know the most prominent summer fashion trends. Every woman is looking for what is new and different and compatible with her personal taste,

3 Tips to Find the Most Comfortable Belt For Men

3 Basic Tips When You Shop a Men Belt-Men Fashion

Finding the most comfortable belt can be tricky, especially when you consider how long you'll be wearing it, how it will feel around your waist, and the weight of what you're putting it on. With so many factors to keep in mind, it can seem impossible to choose the right

3 Ideas of How to Use Stick Up Wallpaper In Your Laundry

3 Ideas for Modern Stick Up Wallpaper For The Laundry Room

  Stick up wallpaper is one of the cheapest and yet crazily beautiful way of adding color and personality to your laundry room. With stick wallpaper, you can create your own patterns and designs on the walls. You can use different colors, patterns and shapes to create an amazing look in