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Create Your Own Gift Box

How do I make a gift box out of paper?

How to make a gift box?

The introduction
Gift boxes are important items that require careful consideration of their shape and details when giving them, as their appearance is just as crucial as the gift inside. Sometimes you may require a gift box to present your gift, but may not have the time to visit gift stores or find the cost of these boxes to be high. In this article, you will learn a step-by-step guide on creating a gift box using basic materials readily available in your home.


DIY a Gift Box


  • Introduction
  • What is needed to make a gift box?
  • Create a paper gift box with these simple steps
  • How do I make a gift box out of paper?


Two pieces of thick scrapbook paper measuring 20 inches by 20 inches.
Glue – such as glue gun, glue stick, and more.
Paintbrush with foam bristles.
Paper slicer (Paper cutter)


How do I make a gift box out of paper?

Create a paper gift box with these simple steps:
– Create an X by connecting the corners on the back of your paper. These lines will guide the folds, so ensure they are on the opposite side (the less attractive side) of your paper. Additionally, ensure they are perfectly centered. Uneven folds will result if they are not centered, leading to a slightly misaligned box.

– Fold each corner towards the center of the X. Shape the paper into a diamond in front of you, then fold all corners towards the X’s center. Ensure they align perfectly for a symmetrical box. Keeping the paper in a diamond shape is crucial for this tutorial. Refer to the corners as top, bottom, left, and right to guide you easily. Maintain this diamond shape for better comprehension.

– Fold the side flaps inwards. Unfold the top and bottom flaps while keeping the side flaps tucked in the middle. Fold each side flap towards the center, aligning the straight edges to create an oblong shape with points at the top and bottom.

– Begin by opening the side flaps and then folding down the top and bottom triangle flaps. You will notice a diamond shape with vertical lines spaced a few inches apart. Keep the top and bottom triangle flaps pointing towards the center, as these will be the next to be cut.
The fold lines should run down the middle of both the right and left sides of each triangle. Cut along these lines until reaching the end of the triangle, creating two additional triangles on each side of the original triangle (which now resembles a house shape).

– Begin by opening the paper and folding in the tips of the top and bottom flaps. Locate the two main triangles on each side that were previously cut. Fold in the base of both triangles (the house-shaped part) along with the tips (the roof).
Fold the paper along the original crease line, where the flaps initially intersected at the center. This action involves separating the top part of the structure from the bottom by folding.

– Fold the side triangles inward, and then fold the top smaller triangles on top of them. Fold the two intact triangles on the sides inward. Next, fold the smaller triangles (located on the sides of the folded-over houses, originating from the snips you made) over the larger triangles. Ensure they are folded completely until reaching the cut.
You can now observe that these are the folds of your container – the edges are beginning to take shape.

– Attach the edges of the side flaps. Each side flap is folded at the center, creating a triangle and a square shape. Secure the triangular tip in the middle of the initial X by gluing it down. A glue gun, a glue stick, or regular white school glue can be used, but be cautious to avoid creating a messy situation with excessive stickiness.

– Raise the edges and fold the top and bottom. Lift the sides where they are adhered, revealing that they create the box’s sides. After lifting them, fold the top and bottom flaps over, ensuring their tips meet at the center. To create all four sides of the box, fold the top and bottom edges over the sides and align their points at the center. The next step is to secure everything together.

– Attach the sides in an upright stance to the bottom of the box. Secure everything that lies on the bottom of the box within the triangles formed by the original X lines. This action will create a square base and four upright sides, essentially half of a gift box.

– Follow the identical process to create the bottom section of the box, making sure to reduce the paper’s height and width by ⅛” beforehand. The top section of the box has already been completed, requiring it to be slightly larger than the bottom section. Utilize the same paper dimensions as before, cutting off ⅛” both lengthwise and widthwise.
Afterwards, simply repeat the process. Once both sides are completed, they will neatly align to form an attractive and durable gift box.


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