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I Want You ” 4 “

I Want You ” 4 “

Roze’ mother went to Mr. Williams’ house, and when she reached the door, she was very confused. But after pulling herself together, and being just about to knock the door, a young blonde woman opened the door and said laughing:

See you, Williams, and you too, scamps.

But when this blonde woman looked at Roze’s mother’s face, she felt that she needs something, and the curiosity of blonde woman led her not to leave, and asked her:

Do you want to see Mr. Williams?” 

Roze’s mother:                “Yes. Is he here?”

Blonde woman:              “Yes, here. Come in.

The blonde woman let Roze’s mother to get in first, then she entered, and closed the door. She called for Williams who remains as he was; sitting on his chair with his four friends.

The blonde woman said:           “you can call me Brett, and you?

Roze’s mother:                “I am Latin

Brett pointed out to an elegant and attractive 35-year-old man who was sitting on a leather chair in a dark corner of the living room, and in front of him, there was a lighted candle, saying:

this is Williams and they are our friends; Adem, Anel, Daniel and Rakan.”

Latin wasn’t interested to know the names of Williams’ friends. She just was trying to pulling herself together to ask his help, but she didn’t know how to start! It was a very embarrassing situation, what should she say? Please help me casting out the evil spirit that controls my little daughter! In this modern era, is there still an educated and cultured woman who talks about those myths and believes in them!

When Williams felt that she couldn’t talk, he helped her saying:

Mrs. Latin, please sit down and tell me how can I help you? And don’t worry about these guys, they know everything about me as we are friends since twenty years.

By then, she summoned her strength to say:

Actually I came here asking your help. I live in the neighboring house since just three days with my three kids, but my eldest daughter has some problems and I went to many doctors, but in vain. When I talked with Mr. Aws, he recommended you to help me. Please sir don’t let me down! You are my only hope.”

Williams:             “Mrs. Latin, Can you tell me more about your daughter’s problem, and how can I help you?

She told him what happened to her daughter, Roze, and begged him to help her.

Indeed, he agreed and told her:

I’ll prepare somethings to heal your daughter, and visit you after two days.

Latin went back to her home. Once she went out of William’s house, Brett and the other four friends had broken into fits of laugh with Williams.

Brett:                    “The last thing I can imagine is that Williams will be an exorcist!”

Adem:                  “Funnier still is that Mrs. Latin’s talks that he has a great experience in this field. Tell me, Williams, from where you gained this experience!” 

Then they all laughed again. Here, Brett looked at Williams, sending him some kisses, and running her hand through her tight body, and said

I have an evil and wild spirit too Williams, and I need your help to cast it out on your bed, baby

They all broke into fits of laughter again.

Rakan:                  “if you go to the bed with Brett, you won’t get out of it till your death! You’ll marry her, have babies, and spend the rest of your life on the same bed too as the spirit inside her is evil and too much wild.”

Then they laughed again.

Williams looked at Daniel and asked him “what is your opinion?

Daniel:                “Why do you asked me particularly?”

Williams:            “I trust your opinions.

Daniel:                “you know what is weird about that!

Williams:            “What?

Daniel:                “Mr. Aws told Mrs. Latin to visit you and we all know that he and his wife hate you and blame you for their daughter’s death.”

Williams:            “Yes, right.”

Daniel:                “So, why did you agree on Mrs. Latin’s request?

Williams:            “You had seen what happened with your own eyes. I tried to explain that I am not a cleric, I just love praying, and that I have no experience in casting out the evil spirits, but she didn’t listen! You also saw how she begged me with tears, so I could only accept her request.

Anel:                     “But, how will you cast the spirit out? I read in many articles and stories, on internet, that sometimes, the person who has an evil spirit inside him will die and that the person who claimed that he is an exorcist will be charged with murder! Do you need to spend the rest of your life in jail, Williams?

Williams:            “actually, I don’t believe that there is witchcraft, jinn, demons or evil spirits that can control the human!

Daniel:                “So, how will you heal Roze?

Williams:            “By illusion. Simply, I’ll read some parts from the Bible and then I’ll say “Congratulation! Now everything is OK.” That’s it.”

Anel:                     “Wow! I want to Come with you, and see what’ll happen. Please Williams tell Mrs. Latin that you need the help of your assistant, Anel. Please, Williams, agree.”

Brett:                    “Me too. I want to come, I don’t let you go to Mrs. Latin alone as I noticed your stares on her.”

Williams:            “Yes, she is really beautiful and attractive woman. I had some feelings towards her.

Rakan:                 “You know, Williams, you are an eccentric person! You pray a lot, don’t get out of home a lot, and at the same time you can’t live without having a woman! Your home has always a woman, and women are attracted to you too! Like the butterflies that are attracted and fly towards the light. How do you do that!”

Williams:            “actually, I am trying so hard to avoid the women, especially after Mr. Aws’ daughter death, because I feel guilty and afraid. maybe I ‘ll be punished one day.

Rakan:                 “It wasn’t your fault Williams. All of us enjoyed, not just you!

Daniel:                 “At that moment where we are together, Rakan, we must be truthful with each other and with ourselves also.”

Williams:            “What do you mean, Daniel?

Daniel:                  “We all have wronged that girl as we were all well aware that she loved Williams a lot, but he wasn’t honest with her, because he didn’t tell her that she is just a friend for him, not a girlfriend, and let her to build castles in the air. I am also! When she came for advice, I didn’t dare tell her the truth and instead, I went too far, giving her false hopes that Williams loves her. We all did the same thing; Rakan, Anel and Adem. What was the result of our irresponsible behavior!

                              When she discovered how was Williams’ feeling towards her, her heart was broken then she began to be another person, and our friendship was severed. Simply, she was right when she left us all, because respect is the main stone upon which we build our relationships whether friendship or love, while we disrespected, went too far, and manipulated her feelings.

Williams:            “Don’t overreact.”

Also, Rakan, Anel, and Adem didn’t accept Daniel’s opinion.

Williams:             “lets change that topic. Do you want to come with me while casting the evil spirit out of Roze’s body? I think we’ll have fun, and laugh a lot.”

They all:            “Yes we want to come with you. It will be a nice time and a new adventure for all of us

Williams:            “So, each one of us should play a role in order to make Mrs. Latin convinced and to let us get into her home without any hesitation.

To be continued…

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