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I Want You ” 5 “

I Want You ” 5 “

In the next day, Williams talked with Mrs. Latin, and told her that he needs his friends’ assistance to cast the evil spirit away, and justified this by saying that he needs to put nanny-cameras in the most parts of the house to monitor her daughter’s actions. Then he recommended his five friends, because they are good at this, and also because he trusts them.

Mrs. Latin had no choice except to agree on Williams’ demand, and indeed Williams returned home, and told his friends what happened with Mrs. Latin.

Adem:             “Great! There are many things we need to prepare, and buy before visiting Mrs. Latin

Anel:                     “No need for buying anything, I have what we need for this mission. I will go to bring the cameras, and the recording equipment, see you!

The other friends stayed in the living room discussing their roles, and what they will do with Rose.
Williams: “I am going to prepare somethings that I will take to Rose’s house tomorrow”.

Soon after, Williams got out of his room with an antique leather black doctor bag, and holding a brown walking stick. Once his friends saw him, they laughed, and mocked his appearance.

Brett:                    “Dear Williams, why do you carry this bag, and this walking stick?

Williams:            “Watch and learn

Then Williams opened the black bag to show three glasses, and a wine bottle and said:

I brought this bottle for us to drink secretly whenever we want. What about bringing two bottles instead of one?

All of them:       “YES, of course two

Next, he brought the bible and said:

This bible will be in my hand when entering Mrs. Latin’s house.

And put a small bottle of holy water inside his pocket.

Rakan:                 “Fine, but what about this stick!

Here, Williams stood on a chair, waving the stick everywhere, and said:

This is for Rose, and the evil spirit inside her. I will beat it up till it begs me, and gets out of Rose’s body.

They all laughed and Brett said to Williams:

                                “Looks like you will beat us, not the evil spirit

And while Williams was waving the stick everywhere, Adem grabbed the stick from Williams’ hand and said:

                                “So, let’s beat him before he does

Rakan:                 “You know, Adem, Yesterday, I watched a film whose hero is a shepherd, and he was holding similar stick. This stick frightens the sheep not the evil spirits

They kept laughing, and saying jokes till Anel returned with the whole needed equipment for their mission.

Daniel:                “I don’t feel comfortable about this mission, but I love adventures so much, and this is an exciting one. The important question here is that whether jinn, goblins and spirits are true, or not?

Williams:            “They are just vivid imagination. There is nothing in this world that called evil spirit, jinn, or goblins.”

Then he looked at his friends, took the white candle in front of him, lighted it, and said very quietly,

“You know that there is an evil spirit among us here!”

Then he continued,

“It’s Rakan! He is a man of few words, but he laughs a lot, isn’t this a reason to doubt?”

They all looked at Rakan, and then Adem said: “Look! Do you see what I see?”

They all answered with a surprised and frightened faces, looking at Rakan:

“Yes, we see clearly”

Then they said: “Don’t move Rakan!”

Rakan looked at them and said:

“What is wrong? What is there behind me? Why are you staring at me like this! Tell me!”

They all laughed except Rakan, then Williams said:

“Did you see Rakan’s face when he was saying, “What is wrong? What is there behind me? Why are you staring at me like this! Please tell me!””

Rakan said with an anger face:

“I didn’t say “please”! I have never begged anybody throughout my life!”

Anel:                     “Come on! While I was on my way to here, I saw a large group of people who were standing on front of Rose’s house, and they seemed very angry, and surly. Mr. Aws was talking to them, and trying to calm them down, but in vain. And when I asked one of them why they were standing there, he said “All these people are the residents of the neighborhood, and they want to meet Rose to know why their sons disappeared after going with her on date. Once she joined that school, boys disappeared one by one! Also, a police man came to her house, and asked her about them, but he found no answer! Did they travel? did they have an accident? were they killed? No one knows.”

Anel continued his talks saying:

                                “Then I asked the man if they had met Mrs. Latin, or her daughter and he answered saying “Mr. Aws prevented us from entering the house and slammed this big steel door in our faces, but today, we insist on meeting them, and won’t leave this building till one of them talks to us. We need to find the answers of our questions.”

Then Anel said:

“After that, I asked him about the number of these disappeared boys, and he answered saying “I don’t know how many they are exactly, but some people say they are five, some say 60, and others say 100, or 1000. However, I am sure that they are a lot and they all are males in the high school; the same age of Rose.”

Williams:            ‘This is strange! Why Mrs. Latin didn’t tell us about this?”

Daniel:                “I think she doesn’t want us to be afraid not to refuse to help her daughter”

Williams:            “Is there anyone of you who needs to change his mind?”

They all               “No, we insist on coming with you and going on the adventure”.

Rakan:                 “The story of disappearing these boys is extremely strange and unbelievable! It’s impossible for just one girl to kill, and hide all these boys! This doesn’t make sense!”.

Williams:            “So, tomorrow morning we will visit Mrs. Latin together”.

To be continued…


Written by Maha F. 

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