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Best Lighting for Your House

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Lighting basics need to be followed before even buying a single light bulb. Create a lighting plan on how to transform a dark room with the right lighting. Learn the tricks of the trade on how to make a room look larger, brighter and cozier with the usage of lights. It is important to know the type and kind of lights available and which to choose in relation to dimension and shape of rooms and coloring scheme of rooms. Remember, an expensive and beautiful light fails its charm if not placed in the right place, so choose the right light for the right place. Every room has its own theme and scheme for lighting. The right light makes the room appealing and also saves energy.

You can use spot lights on each side of the hallway to welcome the visitors. The direction of the lights should be towards the welcome mat so that the light does not hit the eyes on entrance. It has to be soft to give a warm welcome. Living room lighting scheme livens up your leisure and lounging time. Ninety five percent of night is spent in the living room, reading, painting, talking to friends, watching T.V. You need recessed lighting, spot lighting and night lights. Bedroom scheme is for a restful, calm environment to sleep and play in. Natural light for day time works. At night, you need a table lamp on bed side table with options of bright and soft lights. Bright light is for reading and soft light to help in moving about in the room and keep you away from crashing into furniture or walls. In the kitchen, your lighting scheme has to be functional and efficient, to help in making food. Florescent lighting hanging from ceiling is best. Bathroom scheme has to be blissful but practical. Spot light on top of the sink and florescent light from ceiling to be used when in shower or other purposes. Solar energy light is the best choice for garden. Timer lights should be used in the front porch and driveway. You can buy these in different styles and shapes. Keep this in mind that you want to choose the right lights because you want to make a statement about your home and yourself. 

How to Choose The Right Bulb for Your Home or Office by Summit Electric Supply  


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