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Creative Ways to Decorate Without Buying Anything!

Decorative Ideas with No Money for Your House

If you want to decorate your home without spending money then imagination is your tool. You’ve accumulated enough accessories over the years that your house accessories can fill a shop—now I am telling you don’t buy any more. By imagination you can Use What You Have to transform your house

Here are the three major creative way to decorate your house without spending money

  • Take advantage of old furniture
  • Exchanging and matching
  • Style creatively

Take Advantage of Old Furniture

Turn a stool, chair or ottoman into a side table: This will look good if the rest of the room to can be basic. You can Try one piece on its own, or a group to make bigger table.

Try an unadorned table and sparsely decorated walls.

Use a jar as a vase, put plant in it. Also you can paint the jar from outside or leave it clear.

Use your pretty pitchers or patterned plates and any small antique to decorate open shelves

Swap lamps between room to make a different look or switch the shades using light and shades technique.

Exchanging and Matching

  • Swap chairs between rooms to make a new look: Like swapping a couple of seats from the kitchen with ones in the dining room that makes both rooms look different.
  • Bring outdoor furnishings inside: All outdoor furniture looks attractive indoor as they are outdoor and they are generally strong and indestructible. Imagine decorative wood, iron or aluminum furniture make your home look like a garden
  • Arrange unique collection: Stack some china pieces on tables, mantels or buffets and make them similar to look like a collection. You can stack them on top of books also.
  • Pull from other rooms: You can hang any large platter that you don’t use much on the living room wall. You can also use ceramic garden pots or pretty teacups as a vase
  • Reuse holiday décor: Don’t bury holiday décor for 12 months you can use them to give a celebration atmosphere in the room. Also you can use Easter baskets to hold fruit on your table or use Halloween pumpkins as vases.

Style Creativly

  • Group your photos in theme based groups and don’t just cover the wall with them
  • Display cooking tools on the kitchen wall.
  • You can organize a shelf and give it a style in the same time by arranging books from tallest to shortest on most shelves. Use baskets or vase to hide unattractive DVDs.
  • You can apply symmetry in any corner in the room and between any two similar objects just by arrange the space between them to make the symmetry more standout.
  • Swap out items, such as pillows and throws, between rooms can make you feel different in the room you can apply this technique in any two rooms and between any similar items like tables chest etc.
  • Redo the whole room by repositioning or rotating furniture like sofa, rotate a rug, or try dividing the room with a storage unit.
  • You can always go natural and decorate by old wooden item or by arranging river stones, bird nests or tree branches in a way that looks stylish.

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